Sunday, April 11, 2010

Travel and Luggage for an Elder Goth

Luggage for a Goth—

I know that most Goths don’t even think about how to pack things, if it fits the backpack or duffel bag fine, seems to be the answer, although most that are into business will get the basic black suitcases. That’s fine.

But for an Elder Goth like me I have a desire just to go a little edgy and it happened at T.J. Max I saw a 4 piece Diane Von Furstenberg Mariella luggage set, 28, 25, 21 inch expandable luggage with wheels and pull up handles and the matching fashion tote, what made it edgy, the exterior was black with triangle chrome studs and the interior was a hot India orange lining. As they describe it one part classic style, one part flash appeal. The Mariella collection combines sophisticated design with hip styling and practical functionality. The studded textural trim adds shimmering points of interest to the solid twill fabric. Easy rolling in-line skate wheels and push button locking telescoping handles keep these pieces moving smoothly trip after trip.
Smooth in-line skate wheels, telescoping handle locks in place and fully recesses when not in use. Each upright expands 2 1/2” for increased packing capacity

The Interiors are fully lined and feature valet straps to keep clothes securely in
Place, Plus Multiple organizational pockets including shoe pockets, a mesh lid pocket and a removable toiletry pouch. The Large main compartment with full length inside zip pocket .10 Year Limited Warranty

28" Expandable Suitcase - Dimensions: 28" x 20.5" x 10" - 14 lbs.
25" Expandable Suitcase - Dimensions: 25" x 18" x 9" - 12 lbs.
21" Expandable Carry-on - Dimensions: 21" x 14" x 8" - 10 lbs.
17" Tote - Dimensions: 17" x 13" x 5" - 3 lbs.

Had to have it, went into debt for it, worth it, those 4 pieces cost me nearly $400. And I’m going to purchase the Diane von Furstenberg Mariella 20 inch Wheeled Carry on Duffle for another $100.

I can nest one inside the other for storage or I can use the luggage to store my off-season clothes with some cedar moth repellant, so I’m ready and when these puppies roll off the luggage carousel I can’t miss it.

The only other set is a samsonite retro set in black from 2 seasons back although I loved it in the red fuchsia combination but it was out of my price range. But keep hunting Elder Goths, keep hunting.

I’ve included the pix for these two styles.


If you fly a lot then you have to keep it to one piece of luggage but it should be something that stands out, is durable and “screams” You!!

Personally I do not like to fly, if I can get there by Limo that would be best, but such is not the case, and if I don’t feel like driving myself and a Limo is out, there is the Train.

There is nothing so romantic and so Elder/Retro/Corporate Goth-like than the train, this is where you can get out your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s suits---think Marlene Dietrich, if you can get a roomette all the better, you can darken your roomette and avoid as much sun as possible, sleep if you wish, read or listen to music or do your own writing without the worry of the person next to you peeking or the person in front or in back banging on your knees or back. And you avoid the screaming annoying kiddies.

This is a fun time to be a bit mysterious, make people think you are a Countess incognito.

The rhythm of the wheels over the tracks can be hypnotic and lull you to sleep also you Really, REALLY get to see the U.S. of A., something that you miss on the plane.

But if time is of the essence, and its part of you work to be there in the shortest amount of time, then you have no choice but to take the plane.

If money is tight and your car is not in the best of shape, your only other choice is Greyhound Bus, in that case limit yourself to only one large piece of luggage and a carry-on tote, the tote should have your medications, your laptop and at least a change of underwear and toothbrush and tooth paste. This is in case your luggage is left at the bus terminal. Again make sure your luggage stands out and can’t be missed.

Bottom line---always keeps important stuff with you at all times.

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