Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cosmetics for the Elder/Elderly Goth

O.K. Elder Darklings, so what should your cosmetic style be?

You have to first look at what the youngsters are doing and avoid that, Why?

Because it’s not you.

The white or nearly white vampire makeup would be clownish on an Elderly Goth, but if you look at the makeup styles from the 40’s and 50’s especially from the Noir Films you can get an idea, avoid the pencil thin brows, and the heavy ones as well.

You can use a natural base, perhaps ½ tone to 1 tone lighter, but not so much that someone looking at you can see a difference.

Then follow with powder. Many Goths prefer the old-fashion Coty loose powder, which is fine, as long as you wear your Goth bathrobe because it can be messy. And always have a compact and lipstick of the same color in your purse for touch ups.

Blush usually is avoided, but sometimes a hint of pink doesn’t hurt, but only if it is not clownish, lightly brush it upwards to give the face a hint of a lift, remember LIGHTLY.

A Goth always uses Sunscreen, but because we tend to avoid the sun it doesn’t hurt to take vitamin D supplements, and always follow the recommended dose on the bottle.

An Elder/Elderly Goth female can get away with Red lipstick, but be sure that again you avoid the clown look, bright red can look fine but after a while, the older one gets then it seems that the darker reds look better. And it should never be a slash on you lips.

Cosmetic companies have come out with lipsticks that have a long lip life, but always check to make sure none of it has stuck to your teeth, it can be a bear to remove.


Since I suffer from naturally dark circles around my eyes, I have to use a concealer under my eyes, but apply it sparingly, too much and it will find the wrinkles that you have.

On the upper lid I go with a neutral powder or liquid to lighten my eyes then carefully select a shadow that goes with my outfit, I apply it lightly to the center of my lid and carefully blend it out, nothing dramatic but enough to complement the eye.

With the eye liner, some Elder/Elderly Goths go for the dramatic 60’s cats eye look---not a good choice---our lids sag and droop and therefore that style will emphasize the droopiness of our lids.

I apply a thin eye liner that will bring out my eyes and naturally shape them, I avoid applying a liner to the lower lid, especially if your eyes are tiny, and it only makes it look smaller.

And if you have dark circles it will make it appear worse.

A good concealer is worth its weight in gold, I have used Clinque because the eye area is very delicate and sensitive, but again sparingly.

I know that a lot of you Goth Elderlings are wondering why I say use it sparingly, the reason is obvious---WRINKLES ---it use to be thought that the more you use, the more you conceal, but with the newer cosmetics, the less you use the better you conceal, much of the concealers, liquid makeup and powers have a tendency to collect in the wrinkles crevasses emphasizing them, which is something an Elderly Goth wants to avoid. So applying them sparingly and lightly is always the best approach.

An Elderly Goth has to always remember they are not 20 something anymore, what looked good on a 20-30 something will look horrible and horrifying on a 50 or 60 something.

The idea of the Elderly Goth is to look dignified, even in great age, and smile at the silliness that the youngerlings are doing, because the Elderly Goth knows that this too shall pass.

Now that is not to say that they can’t have fun say at a Vampire’s Ball, in that case all bets are off, because one can be dramatic and a bit over the top.

But it is a wise Elderly Goth to avoid the “geisha look”, except at a Costume ball.

But in the every day world, dignified is best.

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