Sunday, November 5, 2017

Of the after Halloween celebrations~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well Halloween has come and gone, and oh my!  Did we have a  lot of trick or treaters for a school night,  it was a good thing I loaded up on a lot of candy. 

My party went very well, not as elaborate as previous years but then I tend to go all out when it's on Friday, Saturday and even Sunday. 

But everyone enjoyed the party, I even had a fortune teller to read tarot cards for my guests and he was very good and entertaining,  I think I'll hire him for next year or even for New Years Eve.

The skeleton horse and Rider were a big hit and so was T-Rex,  now with the break in the rain the halloween decorations are coming down, I'm glad that after the trick or treaters were gone that Doyle put heavy plastic bags over the heads of the functioning parts to prevent the rain from damaging them. 

I'm debating about having T-Rex up for Christmas with Christmas lights, because if it rains that could damage the functioning parts and with that kind of investment I'd rather not have that happen.

Doyle is making sure everything else is nice and dry before boxing or bagging it, my family is helping out as well.

My elderly house guests, Mr. & Mrs. Rodgers were so happy for the diversion and loved handing out the candy to the little ones, Mr. Rodgers said that it cheered them up a lot.  I've taken them to Target to get some replacement clothing, at this point in time they do not want to know what is lost in the fire, their son and daughter in law are keeping in touch with them, but it will be a while for any forward movement.

I don't mind having them here, Belladonna and Wiener Dog have taken a great liking to them and they enjoy walking the dogs in the neighborhood.  Mrs. Rodgers has said she enjoys the quiet (when it's not Halloween),  I took her to a craft's store so she can get back into knitting, a hobby she finds very meditative.   Mr. Rodgers likes to garden so I may have him putter around in my garden.

When they feel more sure of themselves they said they will use the public transportation to go to different venues like our museum and restaurants.   Sis tells me that it's their way of coping and has had chats with them as well.

Since there is no Spare the Air alert for today or tonight I'm going to be burning a fire in the family parlor to make it cozy and cheerful,  I've been assured by the Rodgers that will not bother them.   Mrs. Rodgers said that my house reminds her of her parents house when she was a girl, a good comforting feeling.

So tonight it will be old-fashion comfort food,  stew with rice, a small salad and french bread, later apple pie.

Then plans for Christmas.

Later Darklings

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