Sunday, August 28, 2016

Of being "kidnapped", update, meteor showers, and a first kiss~~~~

Hellooooooo Darklings,

I know, I know, it seems like I disappeared off the face of the earth, and in a way I did but it was both from exhaustion, getting things done on the house, and I was sort of “kidnapped”.

O.K. let me explain the “kidnapped” part, my dear brother and sister-in-law and my oldest nephew and my niece Coralline said I had to get out of the house, the leg in the cast was keeping me house bound, so with Betty house sitting during the day and Doyle house sitting at night, I was whisked away to some desert place, don’t ask me the name I don’t remember and for three night’s straight we stayed up late and watched the Meteor shower called the Pelidies  or something like that.

Drinking coffee or hot chocolate because it does get chilly, there were astronomers there one or two professional and a few amateurs and a few meteor shower watchers.   It was an Amazing sight, at one point there were so many they were like fireflies and a few big ones which made folks go “Aaaaaaa”.

And something else as well, Coralline met a very nice young man, name is William, loves the stars and plans to make some aspect of astronomy his vocation, he’s 15, well I saw him kiss her on her cheek and she kissed him on his cheek the last night of Meteor watching, he and his folks were leaving early in the morning going back to Idaho.   And he walked her back to my brother’s RV, they were all shy and such.   I did hear her say she prefers to writing letters as oppose to e-mails so they exchanged mailing addresses.

I’m presuming it will last a few months and then taper off.   But I do have to admit it was very romantic under the stars.

The twins stayed with their other uncle my sister in law’s brother as they and their cousins had soccer matches the same weekend.   Well to each their own.

But I was also very busy getting the final work done on the house, the stain glass windows were re-leaded, and protective windows put over them to prevent lead rot.  All the wood rotted banisters have been replaced with exact duplicates (minus the rot) steps replaced, painted and now dry. 

And the exhaustion, well trying to move around even with a so called “walking cast” is not easy for someone my age, I was tiring quickly, and trying to shower with a plastic bag over the cast well the gymnastics one has to do.    So by the time I think of writing on my blog, I’m taking a nap with the dynamic duo, the twins of terror, the guardians of the gates of hell, Belladonna and Wiener Dog!!!

Brian and Doyle have been making sure they get their walks, but from the way things are going, I am not going to be able to do my Fall Wine trip like I had planned.  Pooh!!    

But I have had friends and relatives come and visit, always making sure it’s a good time to drop over to visit,  Betty has been my Charon and unless they do the proper observations she will not allow them to set foot into the house----that being about calling first to see if I can have visitors.

I can’t cook, so between Betty and my sister and my sister-in-law they have been making sure I am fed, but I so want to go to the gym, and exercise a little, so it’s been mostly from the waist up, but I need to do it from the waist down, and there are not many exercises I can do with my leg in a cast.

But my Doctor is going to see about doing a new lighter cast for me.   Soon I hope, I want this thing, this parasite off of me before Thanksgiving or before Christmas at least.

But all is not lost,  I have my latest Vogue and Instyle magazine and I am going to have the fun of perusing them for ideas, already the stores are out with their Halloween decorations, Granden Road has sent me their latest catalog, Spirit has wonderful things available, Atomx has more image projections out, to help make things as a real haunted house and I’m hunting for bargains on Candy.

And Betty was able to find a Nail Salon that can do a pedicure working around the cast, so I’ve been getting my Mani-Pedi’s.  

My brother and sister in law have been doing a long, long trip, going to Utah  and visiting several of their national parks, stopping off at Crater Lake, they were at Lake Berryessa but had to bail out quickly because of the wild fire, and instead went to Crescent City and stayed in an RV Park on or near the beach up there.   Both my brother and sister in law took 2 months off for this vacation.

Both Christopher and Coralline hated the idea of going back to school they felt they learned more seeing the sights,  but well they had to, Coralline has started her first year in High School and Chris his 2nd year, the twins are now in the 7th or is it 8th grade and they love soccer.   I’m planning to take Coralline and Chris to see the Ballet most likely Cinderella, I think the presentation of Frankenstein might be too dark for them, well maybe for Coralline. 

Sis has been busy as well with her clients, her house is almost done, just a room or two to finish,  and it seems that Brian is a permanent, paying house guest at her home, which I think is fine for her.

Doyle is thinking of lessening his work load, only handling just a few cases at a time.   He wants to visit his family more often now, especially since his grandchildren are at the “I know that’s grandpa” stage.   And I don’t blame him, family is so important.

And I am blessed to have a wonderful family.  Included the two 4-legged ones that are now napping next to me as I write.

Well Sis says dinner is ready, there is really nothing on Television tonight, I didn’t even bother to watch the Olympics, but I can hardly wait for the new Fall season of T.V. shows, I’m afraid “Sleepy Hallow” is gone, but there are some new ones that have my interest, and Lucifer is coming back and a new show “The Exorcist” Doyle asked me if there is the possibility of a “cross-over” story line.   I laughed at that remark.    

And maybe next year I can do my Fall Wine trip.

Must go or dinner will get cold.

Later Darklings.


  1. I hope your leg is healing well and you are having fun getting ready for Halloween :)

    1. We are Rebecca, its coming together slowly but surely.