Thursday, July 21, 2016

Of breaking a leg~~~

Hello Darklings,

I guess you thought I vanished into some dark and dingy mausoleum to never emerge, but I have.

The reason for the long silence is very mundane,  first I was busy with having repairs done on the house,  and with all the dry, yet cool for my local, weather I'm having the house painted, the posts and finials that were suffering wood rot have been replaced, but the garden both front and back is going to have to suffer a bit because of the painting and scaffolding.

However I cannot blame the contractor or painters for what happened to me----I broke my left leg, not the thigh bone but below the knee, the good thing is that the hip and knee was not involved.

It was a stupid thing really, my sister had gone for the weekend to visit her children, Doyle had gone out with some of his friends to drink beer, shoot pool and swap lies, Brian my sister's room mate was out on a date,  surprise!!  He's dating folks, she looks nice, but I do wonder if she'll accept the "Addams Family" atmosphere that we have.

No, it was a Saturday evening, and Belladonna and Wiener Dog had their walk but wanted to go out into the back yard,  I followed them down the back porch steps,  and as dogs will they spotted one of the neighborhood cats, well they went chasing after it and for some inexpiable reason the cat dashed towards me, I tried to get out of it's way and tried to avoid the dogs, lost my balance and .....  well I was down and couldn't get up, just like in that commercial.

I realized my leg was broken but I was stunned at first, and then the pain, the dynamic duo realized that their Mommy was not well and came over and thinking that licking my face might make me well, what it did was bring me to my senses.  Here I was laying on the cold ground, looking up at the night sky, there was no way I was going to be able to crawl to a phone and I didn't have my cell with me, because who needs it when you're at home.  ***sigh***

Doyle wouldn't get home until very late, there was no guarantee when Brian was going to get home, because he might have gotten "lucky" (if you know what I mean).   So I was forced to do the only thing and kept calling out for help until I hoped someone heard me.

Someone did and put a call into the police because they heard someone calling for help but didn't know where.  An officer came out and thank Goodness it was Officer Cutie,  I've mentioned him before.  He walked the block and heard me called out my name, and I called back "Is that Officer (well I didn't say Cutie Pie)"  and it was, brave man climbed over the fence, shooed the Dogs into their kennels in the kitchen (I use that when I have workmen over) and he called the EMT's, I told him Doyle's cell phone number, and by the time Doyle got there, with his buddies (the same one's when the stove caught on fire), I was being secured and put into an Ambulance and transported to the Hospital,  Doyle gave me my purse, so I'd have my medical information.

So Doyle secured the house and met me at the hospital,  his buddies were drinking his beer at the house and watching something on the T.V. at least he was sober enough to drive. 

I was in the hospital for 6 days,  X-Rays, blood tests, of course setting the fracture, making sure no blood clots form, it's harder for older people when they break a bone, but the good news, says the doctors, is that it was a  clean break, not complicated, and I'll have a cast for at least 6 weeks if not longer.

I'm home now and Betty who took care of me before is back,  being a Marine Drill Sargent, but thank goodness she will keep things stable for me.  I'm back in the down stairs bedroom, cannot do the stairs,  and I may have to use a cane for a while once the cast is off, I'd like one that's Gothic Stylish but the Doctor said I may need one that's stable,  I think I'll have one of my artist friends come up with something to modify whatever I'm going to need,  something with a skull I think or a werewolf with a pentagram, like Larry Talbot's in the Wolfman.

My brother and sister in law and the children know about it but I told them to not interrupt their vacation trip, they went to Utah to see the sights there.  I've been getting post cards from Coralline and Christopher, and their mother, each with their own view point of what they saw and experienced, I can tell they are enjoying it.  And I'm glad for them.  They did go back to Placerville and Coloma and Coralline and Christopher had the fun of visiting their friend Old Dan, as they call him, and my sister in law found some wonderful antiques for their house. 

The twins are staying with their uncle and his wife (My sister in law's brother) because they are enrolled in a soccer team the same one their cousins play, so it all works out.

For myself, well, I have to use a wheelchair at times if I'm going to be out for long periods, but I try to get about as best as I can around the house,  I can only go as far as the porch and no further, Doyle and Brian take turns walking the dogs.

Doyle is afraid to leave the house unless he's going to work, but I told him he should enjoy himself, so his buddies come over here and play poker (for pennies).   My sister is keeping tabs on me and has been doing the shopping, she and Betty plan the menus.

But I'm not bored,  Officer Cutie Pie and his wife (and baby their 2nd---did I tell you he was married?) come over to visit and help me plan the next Halloween celebration,  I plan to be without the cast and walking come Halloween.  Doyle's buddies keep me entertained, I get phone calls from friends and a few come to visit or take me out to a gallery showing.

And I watch movies, much of the summer entertainment is boring except I do like "BattleBots" for some strange reason.  And I enjoyed "Houdini and Doyle" I hope it comes back for a 2nd season.  

But I have to say that dragging this cast, even if it's the more modern kind that is not as heavy as the old style casts, is still tiring and taking a bath is out, it's showers and a trash bag over the cast, no until this cast is off I am not a happy camper. 

But I shall persevere, at least my toes stick out so we are going to get mani-pedi's tomorrow, although how the manicurist is going to soak one set of toes I'm not sure but she'll think of something, my sister said.

The last time I posted it was about the discovered coffin of an unknown little girl, well the update is that those involved were able to arrange a proper funeral for her at one of the cemeteries in Colma, and there is a family that thinks she might be a relation going by records they have and through Ancestry dot com,  this possible family was at the re-burial funeral as well as other concerned people, so hopefully she will not be "little girl lost" anymore once the DNA results come through.

And now Sis is showing me some Vice lipsticks from Urban Decay, Hmmm some of them look promising, such as "Bad Blood", "Gash" and "Night Hawk" but I am leaning towards "Venom", who says elder goth girls can't have fun.

Later Darklings


  1. Oh dear, I was wondering what happened. Glad to know you are mending and do well other than the broken leg:)
    I have been watching Houdini and Doyle as well. It's fun and lovely to watch.

    I have been eyeing the Urban Decay Vice lipsticks. I have used the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks for a while now and was glad to see that the shades I like are still in the new Vice formulation. And the lower price point is great too. I would love to hear what you think of the new Vice lipsticks. I use quite a bit of Urban Decay cosmetics and love all the ones I found that work for my aging skin. Way back when I used the original version of Gash but sadly red does not work with my skin tone, but it does look lovely in the tube.

    Good luck with healing.

  2. Ugh...I just wrote to Coralline last week and mentioned that I hoped you were well, since you had not posted in a while. Well, at least it was a clean break. You take care of yourself and follow doctor's orders!! *hugs*