Thursday, December 31, 2015

Of Happy New Year for 2016!!! ~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

I have not been posting so often of late, well I'm still getting better, right now I tend to fall asleep a lot,  the Doctor says it's the cough medicine that I'm taking,  because it has codine in it.   And because of that I'm to stay away from wine and such.   Such a bore but then health is always important.

Christmas was wonderful with family and friends, but our new years tonight will be on the quiet side,  it will be a combination of pot luck and Chinese take out.   No I'm not doing a New Year's party this year, the family has insisted I focus on resting but I do intent to stay up with them to welcome the New Year.

I'll be seeing my Doctor next week, although he did do a house visit this week, and feels that I will no longer need the visiting nurse, but next week he will finally determine that.

Because I've been coughing so much my chest and ribs have been hurting but that has lessen considerably, and I hope to get back to my old self.  

The other evening we all went to the Oakland Zoo and saw the zoo lights and rode the Zoo train as well,  and for the first time in years I wore thermal underwear!!!  Including Thermal Socks!   Not exactly elegant, but necessary in the low 40 and in some cases upper 30 degree weather at night.

The frost has been harsh, my gardener has protected most of the plants but I fear I will lose a few of them,  Spring will tell us how bad.

Sis insisted that I hire Betty as a regular housekeeper and have her come in 2 or 3 days a week with Merry Maids to do any major cleaning for the holidays and lighter cleaning for regular.   I've talked to Betty about this and she is very agreeable to it.   She loves the house and has said to me that I can't do it all by myself and to put my pride to one side. 

We've agreed on what I can do,  and what she will do and it works out.    I did grumble about feeling old but Betty said to me that I'm not old, I just need pampering.   The dog's love her and she likes them as well. 

There has been a bit of a sad thing that has happened in our neighborhood, our elderly neighbor that use to baby sit the dogs from time to time has had a stroke and her children are seeing to her care.   The good thing is that her daughter was with her when it happened and was able to get emergency services for her quickly and that lessened any damage,  but the daughter has now moved in with her so she won't be alone, which is good.

Crazy Son across the street has been very quiet, well with his sister and her husband having moved in with the parents Crazy Son can't pull any stunts, which is good.

New folks have moved into the neighborhood and have refurbished this old Victorian home that was very run down.  The previous owners were elderly and didn't have enough money to do all that needed to be done, but fortunately these new owners love the place and are restoring it.  That makes me very happy.

The family is doing fine, Sis's business is keeping her, well, busy.  Doyle has been kept busy as well but to keep my mind occupied he is having me transcribe his notes (I can read his hand writing).   My brother and sister in law are happy and so are the children although they are moaning the fact that next week they will be back in school.

The following weekend we will have a little "take down the Christmas decorations" party and carefully pack them away.    I will be sad to see that but they will be up next year and the year after that.

I hope in 2016 to be more active on my blog and find more interesting Gothic type things to post about,  strange and bizarre things, and finds,  but now a hot cup of Peppermint tea is wafting under my nose and it's time for Lunch.

I want to wish all of you a very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous  New Year!   May all your problems be little one's and the big problems be easily solved and taken care of.

Happy 2016 My Darklings!

Well I'm not that Evil, not really.   Well maybe a little bit.  Oh what the heck, for those of you this can be an excellent thing to work with.


  1. So glad you are doing much better and Happy New Year to you as well.

    We spent last night's New Years watching a marathon of Thin Man those😀

    1. Happy New Year Rebecca,

      I love the first two Thin Man movies because the first one occurs around Christmas and the 2nd one on New Years! I just love that. Just love Nick and Nora

  2. Replies
    1. And Happy New Year to you Patricia! I hope yours was nice and mellow. The children fell asleep before midnight, we didn't have the heart to wake them so it was a sleep over for them and their parents.

      One of these years they'll be able to stay awake. LOL!