Tuesday, April 21, 2015

of Still on Jury Duty, it's freezing here, a new T.V. station and storms in Australia~~~

Hello Darklings,

I'm still waiting to see if I will be on the Jury panel, the two lawyers are so slow in choosing and picking and it is FREEZING here.  No rain but Freezing cold.

Granted we are in April and not expected to be really warm but this is too much.

The only good thing is that I can get to the court house by Bus, but if I want to avoid standing forever in the long line for screening I need to get there early before the Judge steps to the bench other wise latecomers have to wait outside the court room until the Judge says O.K.

The weatherman is threatening drizzel, but have not seen anything yet, at least my cisterns are full enough that I can water my plants but the lawn will have to suffer I'm afraid.  Well it's hardy enough.

On the dinner front, thank goodness for crock pots, Chinese take out and my Sister, Doyle takes care of Belladonna and Wiener Dog sees that they get to their baby sitter.

I wish I could talk about this trial but I am bound not to, even though I have not be sworn in as a Juror, prospective jurors are bound by this as well, until either sworn in where they have to remain under the code of silence or are dismissed when they can freely talk about the case.

It was interesting because how this all started out is first the Judge is explaining to us that in the U.S. we go by the presumption of innocent until proven guilty, but in many other countries it is guilty until they can prove they are innocent.  Obviously in a country that goes by that formula you had better have a good lawyer to prove your innocence--   Even the judges and juries in those countries think you are guilty so you much convince them you are innocent.   I find that very twisted, it's like you are already convicted before you even say a word.

Doyle couldn't sleep Saturday night after we watched Svengoulie's presentation of "Jungle Captive" and I can understand even I felt a little restless but managed to fall asleep.

So he decided to channel surf and discovered a new station off of the antenna  here locally its 2.3 and it's called "Marquee Movies!" and that's all they show is movies, and very late Saturday night to Sunday morning they show Film Noir---he found out they were going to show "The Line Up" 1958 so decided to record it so I could see it, and he stayed up to watch "Riot in Cell Block 11".

They show films from the 1930's to the early 1980's  all different types, their web site is www.moviestvnetwork.com/   at least I hope I have the link right.  I love it our own little batch of Film Noir to enjoy.  Something for the darkness of the soul.

My friend down in Austrailia e-mailed me saying that they are having the worse storm in Sydney history for the last 100 years, floods, Dams over flowing, Ferries not able to travel, things being knocked over so far 3 people dead and over 600 displaced.  She's fine in her area but she counted 6 umbrellas' so far rolling down her street. 

Well now Sis says dinner is ready so time to relax and then watch a guilty pleasure "iZombie".  Who says Zombies can't be fun.

Later Darklings

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