Thursday, April 16, 2015

Of Jury Duty and Exhaustion~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I'm exhausted!!!

I've been covering staff members who have taken time off to coincide with their children's' Easter or Spring Break, and we got a heavy work load.

Then just when they come back and I think I can relax I have to report for Jury Duty, I had postponed it once I could not do it again and because work was back to full staffing I could not claim "hard-ship"

So I report in, one day or one trial, so I'm there all day, and just as I think I and a few others are not going to be needed we are called to report to a court room, the Judge said we were NOT dismissed so we had to come back the next day, and the next day and the next day.  It seemed that either one or the other lawyer had something come up or the Judge could not do a full session. 

I was ready to scream!!

So I'm hoping that I'll be eliminated and today---TODAY!!!  Do I get a good night's sleep??? NO!!!

I'm awake at 4:30 a.m. Up and down and UP and Down, I cannot sleep, I finally lay down praying for a few minutes sleep.  But the Dawn Came Up Like Thunder Across Mandalay Bay---as my Dad would say---actually he'd sing it, some old song, and he'd sing it when I and Sis did not want to get up for School.

So I drag my weary self to the Court House, finally I'm being questioned by the lawyers as they decide if I'm right for the Jury---I know what they are doing.   But we still are not set yet.  The Judge gets a note and he has to stop proceedings and do another Day's delay and we are to pick up where we left off on MONDAY!!!   No Wonder no one wants to serve on a Jury with all this going on.

So now as I type this, my eyes grow weary, Sis called and said she'd make dinner. 

Now I and the Dynamic Duo are going to lie down and get some much needed Sleep!

Later Darklings


  1. Ugh...jury duty. I had that not too long ago. I had to go in every day for 5 days and every day got called into the selection room but never got selected. Not the most fun I have had.

    I hope you get a chance to relax now that it is over.

    1. Sad to say it isn't over. they are still debating who they want on the jury. AArrrgggg!!!