Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Perfect Motto

Well Darklings,

I came across a wonderful quote that I think all Elder Goths, Femme Fatales and other darkly wicked Diva's should have as their motto.

Dita Von Teese was asked to describe her idea of what a woman should look like and the wicked darling replied:

"A femme fatale is always chic, a little wicked, edgy and dark, and has her own dress code she sticks to.”

And I think that is perfect for us.

Speaking of being chic, and a little wicked, I went to a wonderful Vintage Fashion Show last night, it was wonderful with music, a vintage fashion contest, drinks, and little munchies as well as beautiful vintage clothing.

I found a wonderful black hat with rhinestones that is perfect for my clothing style for early 50's, it can be worn all year round, summer and winter. And gloves in a deep reddish maroon color so very hard to find but was in style in the 50's.

I'm on their mailing list for their next event, how wonderful to have something so close by.

So I will make Dita's remark my motto and I think any wicked lady should too.

Until later Darklings

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