Friday, May 25, 2012

~~~Catching Up

Hello Darklings,

Work has been making demands of me, but I have to do it, it’s the money that pays the bills that get repairs done, and gives me the “filthy lucre” to buy beautiful goodies of which I have been having fun finding.

Shoes and purses, those accessories that a woman even an elder Goth woman can never have enough of and Nordstrom has been happy to oblige me.

I had fun buying a Pour La Victorie satchel, in Palermo style in white, black, beige with red handles. Fun and just right for summer to do business with, I also purchased Vince Camuto sandals styled in what they call Minter in black with a two inch heel and brass studs going down the front tongue, they’ll look so edgy with my chiffon black palazzo evening slacks, topped with a pale gold blouse. And to keep me warm when the evenings take a little chill a cashmere shawl in black with gold edging, you can never go wrong with black and gold or silver and black.

And considering the number of parties that I have been invited to that are now crowding my calendar, it’s a good thing I have several combinations of this style to make things look interesting. Fortunately I have lightweight tops in jewel colors that will help change my look.

If you, as an elder Goth are looking for more upscale clothing for the summer, scan through Nordstrom’s on line catalogue, with careful selecting you will find something that will suit your summer needs without looking like “Miami Vice”.

The weather has turned mild although windy but has improved enough that the foundation work has been completed, the new plumbing and wiring has moved forward with so much completed that we are ahead of schedule. The new laundry room is done, the basement storage area completely finished, lightened up and well lighted.

The only thing is waiting for the re-wiring to be done to the two original chandeliers and then they will be installed in their original locations.

Once the heavy work is done then on forward to re-plastering, fixing the areas that had to be damaged and carefully patching the original wall paper, and if this weather holds up we’ll have it done before winter sets, two of the windows on the weather side of the house had to be replaced which I was able to have perfectly reproduced.

Outside I’m replaced the gutters, but I’m going to have to wait on painting the house until next year, as well as fixing the driveway and restoring the garden, but my girl friend, who loves to garden, has at least cleaned up the jungle-like tangled mess so we can see the original bones of the garden’s layout and relying on old photos she may be able to determine what kind of plantings were done although I may make some changes.

On decorating the interior, that I will take very slowly, one room at a time if possible and live with the rest until it’s their time to be done, it’s really my intention to preserve as much of my Aunt’s house as possible including the interior, but some things such as curtains, drapes I’ll have no choice but to replace with something as close to the originals, I do have the photo’s which help. The first areas will be the Kitchen followed by the master bath room.

I can see that “spring fever” is hitting a number of our staffers here at work, it’s sort of a “Hey Mambo, Mambo Italiano” feeling, where you sort of dance a mambo dance because one just feels good.

For me it’s the new Johnny Depp movie “Dark Shadows” that opened, I’ve got to see it soon, bit by bit I’ve been buying the T.V. series on DVD, with everything going into re-runs I’m going to have fun during the warm summer evenings.

And I had fun at the Vintage Fashion Show that was a couple of weeks ago, as well opening Friday night at the Friends of the Library used book sale, so much so that I bought several boxes of books including the Horror short stories of Arthur Conan Doyle. But it’s so good to know that my money is going to a good cause.

Belladonna has been a good little doggie with all the repair work that’s being done, one of my more elderly neighbors have been kind enough to baby sit her while I’m at work, she says that Bella is easy to care for while she watches her favorite programs on ME T.V. and RETRO T.V. My neighbor has said to me that with these programs now showing, television has become more bearable for her, and with programming her Tivo she can record the ones that run late at night or two programs that come on at the same time.

The only time it’s a problem is when my neighbor has a doctor’s appointment, when that happens I make arrangements to place her in Doggie Daycare and she seems to enjoy the change of pace.

This last Mother’s Day, was another happy yet sad day for me and I’m sure of others, my beloved Grandmother died on Mother’s Day many years ago, and sadly some years later my Mother also died on Mother’s Day, the dates were slightly different but it was the 2nd Sunday in May each time. So I went to the cemetery to leave flowers on their graves in Memory of what wonderful ladies they were for raising such a ‘changeling child’ as me. I could not have asked for better or more patient women than they were. Dinning was difficult as every place was booked full, so I drove my vintage car along the roads that use to be the by-ways of long ago, to see where it will take me for a quiet celebration. I have never been disappointed and I wasn’t, I found an out of the way place that had excellent food and wonderful ambience. I was surprised that it wasn’t crowded but the waiter told me that for Mother’s Day it seems that they need places that can handle large groups and this little location was not geared for that. All in all a very relaxing day. Then back to work the next day…***sigh***such is life. Later Darklings.

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