Saturday, March 6, 2010

I was Born~~~~

Hello Everybody (as she says that snidely),

I'm Vampire Rose, an aging Goth.

What do I mean by aging?

It means I'm not 20, 30, or even 40 something years old, I'm over 60 years old, and I was a Goth (but that description wasn't around when I was growing up) when all of you were not even gleams in your Daddy's eye.

As a matter of fact many of your Daddy's were most likely gleams in their Daddy's eyes.

I was born when those pesky UFO's crashed into Roswell, New Mexico, and if that isn't an interesting beginning to my life well then I don't know what is. That year the sound barrier was broken for the first time as well, and I've been screaming ever since.

I grew up with a lot of traditions and customs that many of you would not know about in terms of mourning, dying, cemeteries, I was taught respect and manners and etiquette something that a lot of young people don't seem to have, they have no idea that "revenge is a dish best eaten cold."

In the rest of my posts of my blog diary I'll be talking about events and things that I experienced and grew up with. I'll talk about being strange without being strange, and then finally discovering that all along I was a goth, during the time Buddy Holly and Bill Hailey was "Rocking around the clock" and Elvis was swiveling his hips to "Hound Dog" and me, I was into Bach's "Toccata and Fugue" and enjoying visits to cemeteries and graveyards.

While growing up I got to be quite a connoisseur of Mortuaries and funeral rites.

So all you late comers you can enjoy reading my open diary and discover what you've been doing ain't new.

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