Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Of Rain and Floods and hearts and wine~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I've been singing "Rain, rain, go away come again another day, another month, another year!"

I have not seen such disastrous conditions since 1997 and even then although bad it was not THIS bad.

Even San Jose near Coyote Creek is flooding and that is unheard of at least for the last 100 years.

The rain is doing a number on parts of my house, area's where I have been planning to be painted are now flaking off. 

Fortunately neither mine or my sister's basement have flooded which I am grateful for.  But conditions all over are bad,

We've had the lights go out several times and for hours at a time,  the good thing is that Doyle had an emergency generator installed so we could keep the freezer and the refrigerators running and if need be any water to be pumped out.

Previous damage has been repaired.  

But Darklings if I was a writer this would be perfect Gothic weather to write dark poems or prose to, even my sister has seen a serious up-tick among her patients who suffer from chronic depression.

She roped me in (well she asked me and I said yes) to help her with the reports as she was getting a bit overwhelmed and since I've done medical writing I understood what she wrote.  So I've been a bit busy.  That is why I have not been posting of late.

Valentine's Day was very sweet,  and I don't mean candy,  Doyle treated me to a spa day, facial, massage, mani-pedi,  dinner at our favorite restaurant, and enjoying a drive in my vintage Buick, he dressed like Humphrey Bogart, me dressed in my favorite evening clothes looking like a dark-haired Hillary Brooke from "the Woman in Green"  with the complicated up-sweep hair style.

Several people followed us outside as the parking attendant brought the Buick to the front door and held the passenger door open for me and held my hand to assist me in.  I loved the looks on their faces, they don't see that kind of Class anymore.  Of course the attendant knew us and the car, he insisted on parking it deliberately taking two spaces to avoid scratches.   I was concerned that someone would complain but I guess when they saw the car they gave it a pass because no one said anything. 

Eventually I'll get around to review the films that we saw at the Film Noir Festival.

But I wanted to say I'm fine.

Doyle and I tried a new wine (well new for us) recently, the 2015  Cline Cellars Cashmer Black Magic, on a score of 100 I'd give it an 88, some people would not be impressed by it but I found it to be very easy to drink, it has a nice smooth buttery feel in the mouth. Now it does have  a slight tart cherry note but  because it has some chocolate in there it softens it a bit. It's a  blend of Petite Sirah a Sirah, a Grenache and a Mourverde.  Some people would find it Fruity, smooth a very decent wine for $13.00 but I think if you shop around you could find it for less.

And Apolthic wine have their white wine out, which we will try later on. 

And now that we have a few days of sun, I have my handyman and my gardener making the most of it.

Later Darklings


  1. I write Gothic literature and I always appreciate rainy and/or gloomy weather for its ability to inspire my creative juices.

    1. Hello Nightwind,

      Well we have been having some wonderful storms here, perfect for writing.

      Unfortunately it comes with flooding, mudslides, down trees, and washed out much needed roads.

      But still it can be wonderful.