Friday, January 20, 2017

Of Film Noir, Presidential Inaugurations and Dysfunctional Dolls~~~

Hello Darklings

I know What a combination!

Well my sister and I are leaving in a few minutes to go to the Hotel Rex and check in for our 9 day stay for the Film Noir Festival.

Our vintage bags are packed and ready to go,  Doyle has the Buick ready, yes it is going to get wet but he'll take care of that when he gets home.

Sis and I are looking forward to Spa Days,  shopping, the films, and just relaxing and enjoying ourselves.   The films are more modern but it would be interesting to see how they hold up to the ones from the 40's and 50's.  

We had a chance as we packed the last few things to watch the Pomp and Circumstance of this Presidential Inauguration but really----secretly---we wanted to see what Mrs. Trump would wear and both Sis and I yelled "Jackie Kennedy all the way!"  a classic style of outfit with matching gloves and shoes,  she also reflects the style of Prince Williams wife Catherine, simple, chic and classic, oh be still my Vintage Heart.

Of course how the presidency is going to go is another matter,  I'm not saying I'm for D.T. but seeing what she wore I think is a reflection of the hope of some folks.

Doyle promised to record what she'll be wearing at the Inaugural Ball. 

But have I given up my vintage Gothic heart to 1960's classic styles?   Not Quite.

A web site Dysfunctional Dolls, is a off shoot or maybe the parent company of Gothic Beauty Magazine and they sent me an e-mail saying that their make up is back for folks who are into Goth and Cosplay,  I had to check out their lipsticks and I have to say I was not disappointed, with colors like Blood stain Red, Cemetery Red, Bold Diabolical Red, and affordable as well as not animal tested, well I think I know what I'm going to order.

I know it sounds like I'm turning my back on Besame Cosmetics, but I'm not, just the other day my special order of it's Victory Red lipstick arrived with the special Victory pin, like what the ladies use to wear during World War II.

So in the space of a few days I have been treated to special discoveries which gladdens my heart.

About the repairs on my home, we were able to fix the protective glass panel in front of the stain glass window,  the basement window will be worked on when I return, and when we are past the worst of the storms I'll have the screens fixed on the back porch.

My gardener said that all the bulbs that had been planted have rotted because of so much heavy rain,  some may have survived but we won't know until early spring,  so it looks like I'll have to temporarily do annuals, which is fine.  

But now Doyle has told me that the bags are packed and do I have my film passport, so off we go to another time, another era.

Later Darklings

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  1. I hope you have a great time at the film festival and give us a wrap up of what films you saw and how you liked them.