Friday, October 28, 2016

More Halloween Brews and a plus size Steampunk shop~~~

Hello Darklings,

I have not been able to post anything for a while, the medication for discomfort made me sleepy and if I did post anything it would have been gibberish.

But now they have me on extra strength Tynoldo and that works,  I’m still in a walking cast but it’s not so bad,  and I might be able to have it off by Thanksgiving (I hope).

I’ve been looking around for nail polish and lovely Halloween colors but I have to say “Wet and Wild” disappointed me,  but I have seen spider eyelashes (fake of course) and other things to enhance ones eye area.   Nothing for me to go “Oh Wow!” about.   I have noticed that a lot of this temporary designs are more on the area of either Mardi Gras or Day of the Dead, and if one likes Day of the Dead  celebrations then it’s perfect.

Spirit has come up with fun tableware especially pushing the Ouija board theme,  I had to get a pair of coffee cups that have the Ouija board on them,   I think it’s because of that movie “Ouija: Origin of Evil” but there have been other Ouija movies out there before.

Because of my broken leg healing, I have not had much mobility to really look around at what is out there for Halloween, mostly because with the cast I tire easily.   Which has proved to be frustrating for me.  

There have been some strange things happening, a homeless woman near Sacramento I think, was spotted walking around with a real human skull on a stick,  she eventually led the police to decaying remains that was near her encampment.    A neighbor who had seen her camping near his property had smelled something “really bad” but though it was the body of dead cat, didn’t even know it was a decomposing human body.  No I.d. on the remains so far.

The little girl whose coffin was found under a house, they are still trying to get an idea of her DNA and see if it links to a family that thinks she might be a lost family member.   No word so far.

Lately I’ve been getting on my e-mail articles from Dirge and Blumhouse which talk about creepy and bizarre, certainly on some of those articles not for those under the age of 21.   And I was disappointed to discover Gothic Beauty magazine has now gone digital and are not doing print.   I like print.  So I’ll have to see what is still out there, but that is a disappointment.   

Recollections clothing is now introducing a Steampunk Gothic type line of corsets and some clothing which I sort of like, the corsets especially for my back,  although I’m better from that car accident a few years ago, on occasion my back acts up and I have to wear a back brace but I’ve found that an old fashion corset works just as well and is more comfortable than a medical back brace, and it can be a fashion statement as well for you elder goths, 

What I like about Recollections is that they go up to size XXXXL  which is about size 28 to 30 or a little more.   They have a steampunk basic black crepe dress which can be dressed up with their steam punk plus size corsets many of them go up to size XXXXL and they are pretty true to size, for you plus size elder goths. 

Read the reviews,  one lady liked the Steam punk boots and said she had wider than average feet and found them comfortable even with 4 inch heels.  But only you can tell if it’s right for you.  

Check out Recollections web site its  and on their search engine type in Steampunk.   I’m going to include the link on my links site. 

It might rain on Halloween, but it looks like things will be clear but damp for the party I’m having, which is good.

I’ve found another wine to add to the list if you like wines that have Gothic sounding names, yet taste good  it’s called Poizin. 

This is a lush, delicious and "serious" wine but in a fun package! The nose is fruit driven with fresh plum, bing cherry, spicy peppercorn and zinberry. The mouthfeel is soft with a hint of milk chocolate, sweet oak, and a long vanilla finish. The deep color and firm structure are enhanced by the addition of the Petite Sirah and the firm tannins softened by moderate oak.  As they say “Enjoy this POIZIN with caution; it is The Wine to Die for!”   This is a blend with 85% Zinfandel, 15% Petite Sirah  Doyle had tried it and liked it so we have 6 bottles down in our cellar.

But Doyle was giving a box of beer or ale from the Magic Hat Brewing Company and this call is called  The Night of the Living Dead Variety Pak contains a cabal of beers carefully selected to scare the howl out of autumn thirsts and exorcise the season’s most frightening fluid cravings. Every time one is opened, three bottles of four different ales materialize.

Here is some to give you an idea:

It Includes #9 (like in love potion #9) a sort of dry, crisp, refreshing, not quite pale ale,

Vampifier—a medium-bodied resound red ale with smooth caramel and toast malt flavors and a floral, fruity hop bitterness.

Wilhelm Screaming pumpkin ale----a pumpkin ale, ripe with fall flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg and caramel malts

  Smash hits I.P.A.  A single malt single hop  beer, featuring a delectable duet of cascade hops and goldpils Vienna malt singing notes of citrus and grapefruit and rich Toasty Malt tones.

In addition There is HEART OF DARKNESS Stout Filled with the howling of black dogs that haunt the long forgotten shadows of the human soul This dense liquid silk summoned home from hibernation and balanced winter’s endless white snows with a rich swirl of creamy black rapture.

This appears to be a Fall variety pack so the flavors are not available all year round,  I’m afraid that I’ve fallen for Vampifier  which should please all you Elder Goths out there,  have that while watch Christopher Lee or Bela Lugosi  do their thing and make you swoon.

Or the Screaming pumpkin ale while watching American Horror Story: Coven----as a matter of fact while watching any of the American Horror Story series.  

The Magic Hat Brewing Company address is:
    5 Bartlett Bay Road
    South Burlington, VT 05403

Good brews to warm the insides on a cold Halloween night.

And now I must go,  last minute goodies to get for the Party.
Later Darklings

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