Friday, April 22, 2016

Of house maintenance, T.V. Shows and everything else~~~

Hello My Darklings,

I have been busy, I finally got the repairs and painting done to the house and I’ve commissioned someone to redo the lead work on the stain glass windows.

It was hard getting it done, we’d have dry days and then rain and then dry days and more rain but then we got a good break in the weather and I am so happy,  the windows will take a little longer because I have to put removable clear glass panes on hinges to be able to clean them but it will protect the stain glass from the weather.   And it will be worth it.

And my old job is keeping me busy, one of my former co-workers is out for some time it seems, for very aggressive cancer treatments, so I’ve been contracted to come back to work as a free-lance worker.  But it seems like I never left.

I only went in for a half day today, I said I needed a little time off, and I come home and I’m so tired that I can’t even lift my fingers to type.

However I’ve encountered some interesting young people and well I’d almost have to do an entire post on them,  I had never seen skin so pale on these young ladies that it sort of glows, and it puzzled me.  It’s almost as if they are imitating the looks of the actress on iZombie with ‘sparkling vampires’  we’re going to get together for lunch on Sunday, so it should prove to be interesting.

And speaking of interesting I had a chance to see “Blacklist” last night and it was a very emotionally reveling episode, I kept having the feeling that she was a ghost in a way, especially when she called him by name, and there still was a bit of humor when Reddington came in and showed that he had to ‘kill a kite’ that was threatening to murder them.   It was such a departure from their usual episodes which makes me feel the possibility of a few more unusual ones to sort of break out of the mold for the show.

And don’t get me going about “Lucifer”!!!   I Love the whole premise of this show and the ‘tongue in cheek’ humor with it, the last episode where Lucifer says “What is this about goats!  I don’t even like their cheese!”   And Tom Ellis!  Well I don’t know if he’s everyone’s type but if I was 30 years younger I’d rip off his clothes, throw him on my bed, tie him to my bedposts and have my wicked way with him!!  Heck I’d do it now!

But don’t tell Doyle.

My niece and nephews were happy to have a Spring Break and Easter dinner was a very nice and relaxed affair, but it seems that both Coralline and Christopher are doing extra assignments for their respective classes and the twins have discovered soccer.  And it seems that both my brother and sister in law are a lot happier with it as oppose to (I have to say it) American Football, at least as a semi-contact sport for the twins, in a way I can understand my sister in laws concern especially with head trauma, so hopefully this will work out much better.

And Coralline is concerned she is going to be a freshman in high school next school year, the 9th grade, she feels she may need to put away childish things and I told her not everything, I feel sorry for her growing up is hard for her, it’s like 3 steps forward and 2 back but she has a few friends and she’s enjoying her ballet exercise classes, already I can see her moving far more gracefully,  I informed her that I’m getting tickets to see the San Francisco’s ballet production of “Onegin” I think I want her to see something besides the “Nutcracker”. 

Am I doing anything new to the garden? Well I’ve been having fun finding very dark plants and blubs with tulips and Irises but the heavy rains did pretty much drown most of the garden, so my gardener has been doing yeoman duty to get it ship shape, but we can’t do much with the plantings close to the house, because of the work being done on the house.   But my gardener suggested that we plant a climbing Jasmine at the back of the garden behind the pet cemetery, and have the scent drift through the yard especially at night.

And we’ve had a sad event happen,  Crazy’s son’s Mother passed away from lymphatic cancer, she was 81, poor thing.  But now Crazy goes to the hospital where she died and goes to the business office claiming that the hospital killed him mother, they put a restraining order on him.  So now he goes to the corner when the “fit” it upon him and yells to everyone to not go to “such and such hospital” because they kill you there,  his family have called the police to have them come and talk to him and then try to get him to take his meds.   I was very sad for the family Crazy’s sister came over to talk to me about what is happening to him, and now we don’t know what he’ll do, I suggested grinding up his medication and putting it into chocolate pudding like those pudding cups she said she’ll try tapioca because of those tapioca beads, easier to disguise I guess.   I hope it works for them.

And I can’t even keep up with all the strangeness that’s been happening here in the Bay Area, it’s been too much 4/20 with pot smoking, Chyna and Prince and Doris Rodgers passing away and now Earth Day.  I’m beginning to wonder what is normal or what passes for normal now a days.

My sister thinks we need a spa weekend, and she’s booking one at the Claremont Resort, yes a bit pricey but we are going to spend 4 days and 3 nights there, and just relax.   And I’m looking forward to it.   I’m hoping that at my old job they will bring in someone else to pick up part of the load, that way I won’t feel so tired.

I and my sister did have fun this last weekend at the Friends of the Library Book Sale, I found a number of music CD’s that I’ve been happy to get, and some really good murder mysteries, and an odd book titled “Spook: Science Tackles the After Life”  by Mary Roach, it’s a perfect companion to “Stiff: the curious life of human cadavers” and in perfect condition too.  Oddly enough over in the Fantasy section was a lot of Vampire Romances,  I picked up a few just to see what they are all about one is titled “Nocturne” and another is about the journals of Minna Harker, telling the Dracula story from her point of view. 

Sis of course found some interesting historical works including a book about Social etiquette circa 1900 which should be interesting for the both of us to read,  Doyle was having fun finding westerns.   Then afterwards we picked up dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant.  My brother and sister in law were going to take the children on Saturday instead of Preview night avoid the frenzy says my brother, he just doesn’t know the art of the hunt for a good book find. 

And now the timer has gone off on the crock pot, dinner is ready, I just have to cook up the rice,  and we will relax Doyle and I with a bottle of wind called “Poizon”  I’ll let you know what I think of it. 

Later Darklings.  

                                    Oh he looks so Cute!!!    The dog is cute too.


  1. Sounds like you have been very busy😀
    Is the Mina novel by Elaine Berstrom/Marie Kiraly? If you like it Elaine Bergstrom has written others in the "Dracula" story.

    1. Hello Rebecca,

      The title is "Dracula in love" I can't remember the author, but I'm looking for a copy of "Dracula, the Undead" I'm going to have to buy it 2nd hand. It's written by a nephew or Great-nephew of Bram Stoker.

      I'm really having fun with the vampire romance novels.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank You!

      I hope to make it more interesting in the coming months.


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