Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Of the unrelenting continuing HEAT!!!

Hello Darklings,

We are still in the high 90's and in some places at triple digits, a number of schools are having minimum school days, senior centers are having cool down places for folks. 

My sister in law called me this morning to see if I could pick up the children from school as the school was having problems with their air  conditioning system and have called for a minimum day.

So I picked them up went to their house to change out of their uniforms and into comfortable clothing and then on to my house for lunch, I was surprised they all wanted Mac and Cheese with bacon bits,  Easy to do, ice water with a bit of lemon juice in it with lunch, and orange sherbet for dessert.  And surprise!  Even the twins are exhausted from the heat, and didn't complain that I only had sherbet,

Right now the children are in the spare air conditioned room napping, then when they wake up I'll have them doing home work, even though minimum day, homework never stops.   I called their Mom to let her know they are safe, and for her and my brother to come over for dinner, a light vegetable soup,  fresh sour dough bread and butter, and a crisp salad, and more orange sherbet for dessert.

I had shopped late yesterday evening at the store after the sun went down.

When I went to School I never remembered having such hot after Labor Day days that the school would call a minimum day, we all suffered with the open windows, make shift hand fans, paper cups of water that the teachers provided,  and easy assignments like read a chapter or do one page of problems.

But that was then, this is now.  

 I remember when as a child during the summer if we had really hot days, Mom and Dad (if it was his day off) would get up very early even just before the sun would rise, and do what they had to do for the day if it was something out doors.   Then for the rest of day they would rest, relax or do simple things indoors. 

Even my Uncle Henry when he retired to the Gold Rush Country said the best time to do things is in the early morning and then stop at 11 a.m. and just rest, not until 7 or 8 p.m. would he and his wife go into town for Grocery shopping or anything and there were businesses that would stay open until 10 or 11 p.m. during the summer and early Fall because of the heat. 

I know at some places inland like in Lompoc the Target and Wal-mart Stores are open 24 hours a day because of the heat, and heavily air conditioned.   And in Mexico and South America even in Spain and Portugal where they suffer from extreme heat, everyone sleeps in the afternoons and do not open up again until the evening, unless it’s a medical or dental emergency.     

 So during this heat wave we should do the same thing, unless we are lucky and have an air conditioned office, but best to take your lunch to work and not venture outside. 

And now I feel sleepy too, Doyle is at his office in the city having taken BART, my Sister has a number of clients today, I said they could park in my driveway if there is no on street parking, her office is air conditioned as well as her Tiki Room (her private indulgence) Brian had to go to his companies office today for a meeting so he and Doyle went in Doyles car to the BART station.

For me it's just watching the children the two legged ones and the four legged ones, I did check on my elderly neighbor and she is doing fine she has fans on including a heavy duty Habor Bay one, and plenty of water, she has a timer to remind her to drink some every 15 minutes to stay hydrated, but I'll check on her again later this afternoon. 

Now I'm going to nap for a bit until someone or something wakes me up.

Later Darklings   

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