Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Scallywags flashdrives....

Well Darklings and Baby Bats, did you survive Halloween???

I did, of course sleeping in late today helped and taking today off from my job too. With lots of little baby bats, and princesses and pirates, witches, and tiny baby pumpkins that looked good enough to eat...they were darling.

So I will be carefully packing away all my outside decorations for another year, but inside its totally different....if those little darklings knew.

Today is an excellent day to buy any left over decorations especially for inside your home, anywhere from 50 to 75% off.

If there is one thing that I plan on is to save up as much as my vacation time as possible, I always take the day before, during and after Halloween off as vacation, unless it falls on a weekend but still I do plan on a vacation time around it.

I also plan around other holidays as well....Now do I take time off for a trip or two, of course I do. But the trick is to plan your vacations around regular and holiday time off. That becomes your treat.

But I want to briefly touch upon a techno item that I think all you Darklings and Baby Bats will enjoy.

Everyone has heard of flashdrives...and for many it's old hat...but I love flashdrives because you can carry your information around with you...it depends, of course, on avoiding any thing that could wipe off the info.

But there is one style of flash drive that I just adore, the style is called "Scallywags" it's a flashdrive encased in a rubberized case that has a skull and cross bones on it. It also has a small chain also decorated the same to hold the cap to your flashdrive, it comes in 3 colors, black, red and pink. Perfect for the Goth, Vampire or Pirate.

I've seen it offered at office supply stores but you can order it direct from EMTEC Electronics. Their web site is www.emtecelectronics.com. The flash drives come in 2 and 4 GB, no drivers.

So when I whip out my flash drive for my lap top at meetings, I've seen a few looks, but I always say..."That's so mine is not mixed up with others." If they only knew.

Now I must be off, there's a Halloween sale that's calling my name.

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