Thursday, October 27, 2011

All Hallows Eve

If there is one Holiday out of year that I enjoy the most it's Halloween.

Oh Christmas is right up there too, but Christmas is more for a deeply spiritual and family and friends focused feeling.

Halloween is a good time to let the hair down and howl at the moon. Starting about the second week of the month is when I start wearing my more bizarre jewelry, no one bats an eye at it.

My spider pins, my skull rings, etc. but what I do is I have been letting is hang around a bit more often. They don't exactly disappear.

Well for Christmas I do wear this beautiful red enamel pointisetta pin but only because the red is so deep blood red and the green of the leaves is deep dark emerald, with just enough gold trim.

But during Halloween is when wonderful little things show up. I dropped into this teeny bopper boutique called "Claire's" I believe it's sort of a chain story and was happy to see spider rings and tiny bottles that one wears on a necklace and the bottles are labeled poison. Just the right thing for a baby bat.

And one can order these wonderful labels from Spirit or from Victorian Trading Company so that your soft drinks can say "Toxic Brew" or "Vampire Juice" or something equally as revolting.

What I have fun with is Jello----such an amazing food product----you can find hand molds, brain molds, and heart molds and pour jello mixed with cottage cheese or sour cream or whipped cream and fruit slices into these molds for a wonderful revolting looking desert.

I like to use Lime Green Jello with Sour Cream, just use two cups of hot water and 16 oz of sour cream to substitute for cold water, allow it to get just a little firm but not too much, add finely chopped celery, and red apples (have the apples marinating in lemon juice to keep it white) now do not add the lemon juice that you have been marinating the apples in other wise it will not jell.

Pour into your mould have it chill over night. Now I like to use the hand mould and use silvered almonds for the nails. With the Brain mould, after I unmould it onto a plate, I put it back into the refrigerator to chill some more 30 minutes is best, then I take it out and using a black colored frosting that comes in a tube I outline the valleys of the brain to help bring out it's shape. Looks gross but tasty.

For some Art Deco Goths who want to put on a party look, I recommend wearing deep plum shades, a deep blood red, a deep, deep blue or the deepiest darkest emerald green you can find all in velvet, the idea of velvet is that in the dark you can 'vanish' become almost unseen.

Make sure your skin is perfect, smooth, creamy, unmarked that way you can appear to be a statue come to life, it can be completly unsettling to people. And as a Goth that is what you want to do.

There is one other thing that was taught to me by my Grandmother, she used it very effectively.

Most people cannot look another person in the eyes for any length of time, they will look away then glance back, Police officers and Highway patrolmen, wear those sunglasses that are reflective so you cannot see their eyes and it can be intimidating, of course since they are out in the sun it is to protect their eyes but if you notice, you find you cannot look at them.

I would not do this with an officer of the law but I would do it with anyone else that I do not like.

Look at them, but do not try to look at both of their eyes, it will cause your eyes to flutter back and forth and then you find you'll have to look away. Just look at one of their eyes. What some people would call the down stage eye, for example you are at a bar and he is looking at you, you look at his eye that is closest to the bar and away from the crowd, he will not be able to look at you and you will have achieved dominance.

You do not have to have your eyes wide open, just slightly closed, sort of taking him in via his face slowly like, or at least giving that impression, he maybe thinking you are reading his mind and seeing all his evil thoughts. I call it the Dracula look.

However if it's someone you think you might like, don't do it or do it just a little bit to see if he's just right for you.

Now a suggestion my Snarklings----The beauty about the internet is you can find all kinds of food and drinks that are perfect for halloween, but also perfect for any kind of Gothic party you're having any time of the year. So what you can do is put together your own gothic cook book of foods, alcholic and non-alcholic drinks. As a matter of fact decorate it so it looks like a witches potion book.

Have Fun!

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